Sewer Line Replacement & Repair

Affordable Sewer Line Services in Charlotte, NC

Your sewer line is essential in removing waste from your home and maintaining a clean and hygienic living space. When you are facing issues with your sewer line in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg, NC area, then Pay Less Plumbing is your number one expert. Our licensed professionals will quickly identify the source of the problem in order to ensure the most robust, lasting repair possible.

Sewer Line Replacement Charlotte, NC
Sewer Line Repair Charlotte, NC

Say Goodbye to Broken and Clogged Sewer Lines

Broken and clogged sewer lines tend to create issues that you simply cannot live with. With toilets and drains constantly backing up as well as a foul odor coming from your drains, only expert care from a licensed professional can remove these problems for good. If septic waste has begun to pool on your lawns, then you can count on Pay Less Plumbing to quickly address the issue. We believe that all plumbing services should come at an affordable price, so you never have to worry about an expensive sewer line repair when you choose us.

Sewer Line Camera Inspection

At Pay Less Plumbing, we use only the most innovative technologies to solve your blocked and broken sewer line problems. We use a camera that is fed into your sewer line using existing access points to identify the broken regions of the piping, allowing for thorough diagnosis of the problem without the need for digging or excavation. The high definition camera feed is viewed on a monitor, where you can see for yourself the condition of your sewer line. After diagnosis is made, we develop the most efficient strategy for repair or replacement.

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